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A Bé find, in rega lim
I tír n-ingnad hi fil rind?
Is barr sobairche folt and;
Is dath snechtai corp co ind.

Is and nád bí muí ná taí;
Gela dét and; dubai braí;
Is lí súla lín ar slúa;
Is dath sion and cech grúad.

Is corcur maige cach muin;
Is lí súla ugae luin;
Cid caín déicsiu Maige Fáil,
Annam íar ngnáis Maige máir.

Cid mesc lib coirm Inse Fáil,
Is mescu coirm Tíre Máir;
Amra tíre tír as-biur;
Ní tét oac and ré siun.

Srotha téithmilsi tar tír,
Rogu de mid ocus fín,
Doíni delgnaidi cen on,
Combart cen peccad, cen chol.

Ad-chiam cách for cach leth,
Ocus níconn-acci nech:
Teimil imorbais Ádaim
Dodon-aircheil ar áraim.

Lovely lady, will you go
To that kingdom where stars glow?
Primrose there the colour of hair,
Snow-white each body fair.

'Yours' and 'mine' are words not known yet,
Ivory teeth and brows of pure jet:
Foxglove the colour of every cheek,
The whole company radiant and sleek.

Every plain of purple hue,
The blackbird's eggs flecked with blue,
The plains of Ireland will seem bare
After you have lingered there.

For Ireland's beer you will not long,
The Great Land's beer is twice as strong!
It is a land of purest gold,
The young don't die before the old.

All round gentle streams entwine,
Mead is drunk, the best of wine;
The people have not learned to hate,
It's not a sin to copulate!

We see all on every side,
Though none sees us - we do not hide
But Adam's sin has caused a cloak
Between us and ordinary folk.


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