10:21 pm

James K Baxter; The Maori Jesus

10:24 pm

Chidiock Tichborne's Elegy

10:25 pm

Consolation for Tamar by A.E. Stallings

10:27 pm

St. Kevin and the Blackbird - Seamus Heaney

10:28 pm

Evening - Rilke


10:30 pm

MacLean: Rinn mi luaidh...

10:31 pm

Sojourn in the Whale - Marianne Moore

10:33 pm

Ithaka by C. P. Cavafy

10:35 pm

Flower-sellers, Budapest - Kathleen Jamie


10:36 pm

"Why a Man Cannot Have Wings” by Alfian bin Sa'at

10:38 pm

The Song of Baida


10:41 pm

After Years - Ted Kooser

10:42 pm

Reality Demands by Wisława Szymborska

10:44 pm

Sentimental Moment or Why Did the Baguette Cross the Road? - Hershon

10:45 pm

Bread and Roses


10:47 pm

Mark Doty, excerpt from Messiah, Christmas Portions

10:47 pm

Asking for Directions - Linda Gregg

10:48 pm

The Singers Change, The Music Goes On - Linda Gregg

10:48 pm

In My Country by Jackie Kay


10:50 pm

Overheard on a Salmarsh - Harold Monro

10:53 pm

Edna St Vincent Millay: What lips my lips have kissed


10:53 pm

The Moor by R.S. Thomas

10:54 pm

Anthem for Doomed Youth - Wilfred Owen


10:59 pm

A Path - Dallas Clayton

11:01 pm

Say you love me - Jack Gilbert

11:02 pm

Batter my heart - John Donne

11:03 pm

Marfa - Linda Gregg


11:04 pm

Valerie - Andrew Jamison

11:05 pm

First fight. Then fiddle. - Gwendolyn Brooks

11:08 pm

Margaret Atwood, "Half-Hanged Mary"

11:09 pm

Born Yesterday - Larkin

11:11 pm

XXIX - Rilke

11:12 pm

Question - May Swenson

11:13 pm

Be not too hard - Christopher Logue


11:14 pm

Richard Siken - Visible World

11:15 pm

It's This Way - Nâzım Hikmet


11:17 pm

The Thing Is - Ellen Bass


11:18 pm

Rainer Maria Rilke: Autumn Day


11:19 pm

Child Ballad #104 - Prince Heathen

11:20 pm

Shiloh - A Requiem (April 1862) by Herman Melville

11:25 pm

An Lon Dubh Báite - Séamas Dall Mac Cuarta

11:26 pm

Postscript - Seamus Heaney

11:27 pm

Love of Distant Lands - Jaufre Rudel

11:29 pm

Sumerian hymn to the sun - trans. ZA Ragozin


11:30 pm

I walk through the churchyard

11:30 pm

somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond - cummings

11:31 pm

the boys i mean are not refined - cummings

11:33 pm

Robert Browning: Caliban upon Setebos

11:34 pm

Yehuda Amichai: The Diameter of the Bomb

11:35 pm

William Butler Yeats: The Stolen Child

11:36 pm

attila ilhan: illicit love

11:36 pm

Edna St. Vincent Millay: Dirge Without Music


11:37 pm

Robert Graves: The Legion

11:37 pm

Elinor Wylie - Pretty Words


11:38 pm

Ind ráith i comair in dairfedo

11:38 pm

Billy Collins: My Number

11:39 pm

You that are jealous and have a wife

11:40 pm

R. S. Thomas: Taliesin 1952

11:41 pm

Pablo Neruda: Juegas Todos Los Dias


11:42 pm

Sileas na Ceapaich: Alasdair à Gleanna Garadh

11:43 pm

Is aicher in gaeth in-nocht

11:43 pm

Kobayashi Issa: Don't worry spiders


11:45 pm

Millay, Edna St. Vincent: Well, I Have Lost You


11:45 pm

Lewis Spence: The Prows O' Reekie

11:46 pm

W.B. Yeats: When You Are Old


11:46 pm

Larkin: Ambulances


11:48 pm

Kilian McDonnell : The Monks of St. John's File in for Prayer

11:24 pm

W.B. Yeats, No Second Troy

11:31 pm

The Heart - Stephen Crane


11:33 pm

Limbo - Seamus Heaney


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