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since you’ve gone, all i can do is sit at home and sing the great
love songs.

i don’t want to set the world on fire.

i just want to start a small

                         conflagration in your apartment that quickly
grows into a five-alarm blaze and you grab the cat and your
laptop and run out the door and i, having crawled down the
fire escape, come strolling down the street and you’re coming
towards me, running panicked and tears streaking through the
soot on your face, you’ve never been so beautiful in your life
as this moment when you run smack into a firefighter who is
assessing the flames coming out the window and the ladder
and the firefighters going inside and you run smack into him
and your eyes lock and the world spins around you and he
kisses you and says he’ll be right back for you after he puts
out that little inferno and he strides up the stairs and you turn
to me and you’re glowing as you say my life has been reduced to
ashes but i feel like i finally found out what’s really important.
my eyes brim with tears. after all the years and all the failed
love, i finally did it. i finally found a way to make you happy.


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