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It's occasionally been found in speeding taxis and Paris
hotel rooms. Alpine meadows and mourning doves are
rich in it, though can be hard to find. Forget about
fountains and rainbows, they're myths. Rarely it falls from
geese flying north. Sometimes sunlight on water contains
trace amounts. Check in the attic and under the peonies,
but it moves fast and is hard to catch. Now and then it
has been stolen from babies sleeping on airplanes. From
girls reading in parks. From headlines and editorials. If
you never take a water aerobics class, you'll have more
time than some. Give up all hope, and you might get a
little more. Say no. Smile. Read. Read even when you
should be sleeping. That time counts double. I-95 is a
gold mine, though you'll have to fight others for the time
found there. Take the bus. Follow the river. Don't be
afraid to be late. Read poetry. Poetry gives time back,
but most people don't know it. Never watch television.
Movies are fine. Documentaries are better. Sometimes,
read novels in translation. Just consider it. Don't remodel
your kitchen. Don't remodel anything. Don't even think
about it! Hire a babysitter, or not. Make do. Let your
spouse help. Stay calm. Go to New York. Leave New
York. Again, never take a water aerobics class. Don't
get a dog. Decorate minimally, including holidays.
Maintain no position on Halloween costumes or
children's birthday parties. Use gift bags. Shop rarely.
Spot clean. Keep a notebook. Copy. Borrow. Mimic.
Steal. Never offer to be class parent. Volunteer
elsewhere, if you must. Do not scrapbook. Avoid
cooking. Bake once in a while. Rewrite, repeat. Listen to
music. Have a drink.

If you do all this, one day you might find a package on
your doorstep. Open it carefully. Inside will be time, tied
in bundles of a thousand, smelling of jasmine.
Congratulations! It's all yours. Now hide it well.


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